Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Reflections on the last month

The last month has been a whirlwind of activity on all fronts. I got back from my cousin's wedding in Houston the weekend before Thanksgiving. Even though Houston is my hometown, it shocked me still, to see so many McCain-Palin signs all over town. One would think that a city with a sizeable Black population and a Democratic mayor would at least be balanced in its political inclinations.
So there you have it. President-elect Barack Obama, Vice President-elect Joe Biden, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It sounds so strange to say, yet so deliciously satisfying. The only thing that would be more satisfying would be Al Franken soundly defeating Norm Coleman in the Minnesota Senate race. However, that joy is somewhat tempered by the news yesterday Saxby Chambliss defeated Jim Martin in the Georgia Senate race. It's a bad sign for Democrats; even in this anti-Republican climate, Martin just can't gain a foothold in the state.
Martin may have stood a chance against Chambliss, if he were a more moderate Democrat. Martin's support for a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants is not just too liberal for Georgia, it may be too liberal for the nation. The same goes for Martin's stance on universal healthcare. Many Americans, though they are receptive to the idea, are wary of government sponsored healthcare, because of the mess that Medicare and Medicaid are in. Higher taxes to extend healthcare to all just isn't palatable to the working class, and especially not in a time of Recession. With the factors all being the same, Martin stood a better chance of defeating Chambliss if he was just a little less left of center. The tides of change were not in Chambliss's favor, but it looks like Georgia is not ready for change.


mommapolitico said...

Whoa, Girlfriend! You have been busy! I have been dealing with the last week of school (you haven't lived until you've been trapped in a classroom with 30+ sugared-up, hyped-up kids on the last day of school before Winter Break!) Will definitely post this week myself - I promise! But I hear you re: the hustle and bustle the season brings. Much fun, but doesn't leave a lot of time for oneself.
Rest and relax - enjoy the season and your beautiful family. Merry everything from my family to yours!

mommapolitico said...

Hey, MMP, you okay? Your presence and voice is missed! Hoping all is well with you and yours. Hope to hear your take on the latest and greatest sometime soon!

Z said...

MP! Been soooo busy,but then again, I bet you know all about busy. I've been under the weather, then I found out I have a stress fracture. Can't I get a break?? Anyways, I'll be back to posting regularly from now on. =)