Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If it's broke, then I cain't fix it

Oh the joys of motherhood! The six month milestone has always been my favorite, even before I had my own half year old munchkin wiggling all over his playmat. This age is the perfect harmony of optimum cuteness, tempered by minimal mobility. As much as he wriggles and squirms, he just can't escape he clutches of doting mommy dearest or over stimulating uncles and grandmom. And wouldn't you know it, he's just cute as a button. He finds comedy in a shaking rattle, or a silly voice, or Tigger jumpingup from behind a pillow. Any one of these actions sends Armaan into a fit of giggles that he just can't stop.

As much as I adore my lovely son, and wouldn't trade it for the world, who knew that I still wouldn't be WHOLE after six full months post delivery? I woke up a few weeks ago with a searing pain up my leg, concentrated mostly around my right ankle area. It still hasn't disappeared or even subsided in the least. An X-ray showed NOTHING. No broken bones, or cracks, nothing! So I did a little research of my own, and here's what I found:

I probably have a stress fracture. This is also called an over use fracture; silly, because one never over uses their bodies, only uses them to the extent that God has given us. But stress fractures are not common in young people, unless they are: 1) female atheletes 2) females with irregular periods 3) females with easting disorders 4) older females that have osteoporosis.

Seeing that I don't qualify under any of the first three, the deciding factor came to #4. And sadly, I knew that I already had osteoporosis, despite being under 40. I brought it up with my doc, and she said, well geez, this all makes perfect sense now!

So a stress fracture, unlike other breakages of the bone, cannot be fixed by setting the bone, putting it in a cast, etc. Because stress fractures are tiny cracks in the bone, there is no need to set the bone. They just hurt like HELL and are virtually undetectable on Xrays. The only remedy is rest and to abstain from using the injured ankle at all costs.

One would THINK that because I am now completely homebound, and stuck on a couch all day, I would be eager and able to update my blog on the daily. Nay, my friend, you are mistaken. Remember the adorable 6 month old I mentioned earlier? Well he has the keenest senses I've evre seen. It's like he smells blood. He knows that I can't really pick him up, carry him around, and run around after his needs: bottles, diapers, paci, toys, etc etc. But now that I can barely walk, he has new demands. He wants to be rocked to sleep in the standing position. He will lie next to me, and aggressivley kick my injured ankle. And God forbid that I want to take a nap with him. Already a light sleeper, his naps have been abbreviated to less than 30 minutes twice a day. It's enough to drive a girl mad!

I complain, but as my little boo lies next to me sleeping soundly as I type this, I am overcome with love and I can't help but forget that my foot screams in agony, and that I haven't showered or slept in days. It's as if his soft breathing melts away any stress. But strike me dead if I dare lie down next to him: it's like asking him to wake up and harass me again.


mommapolitico said...

So sorry you're immobilized! I guess we all have to go to WebMD now before we go to the doc's to suggest our own diagnosis...what is it about the tiny people we lvoe that they instinctively find our weakest point? I've had my nose broken by Litle Man at about 6 mos. - I was leaning over to kiss that sweet little swirl of hair on the back of his head, and BLAM! He lifted up off the bed, and hit me smack in the nose with the back of his tiny skull. And of course, it's all forgotten when, as you said, you look at that little, sleeping face. Take good care of yourself, and rest as much as is possible for a mommy. Sending positive thoughts your way...

Nicole said...

I love you, Z.

Nicole Lynn

Jen said...

Love to see a fellow liberal mom!!! We need you to blog with us!! Get well soon. :D